Although the exact origin of this strain is shrouded in mystery, we can guarantee that the original White Widow is a Dutch classic, which was first grown in the Netherlands.

The original White Widow was created when a pure sativa strain from Brazil was pollinated with an Indica hybrid from South India. According to legend, WW is the result of years of breeding and selection in the mountains of Kerala, to produce marijuana plants rich in resin.

Since the initial release in the 90s, White Widow seeds have spread across the globe, resulting in numerous variants of the original strain. Today, the most reputable seed banks have a version of the WW, and RQS is no exception.

The expert breeders at Royal Queen Seeds have created their own version of this classic with the genetics of White Widow S1. Our strain offers a perfect genetic balance, with 50% Indica and 50% sativa genetics. Right in the middle of the scale and with the best of both worlds.

white widow
white widow


White Widow offers good yields and a manageable crop

Our feminized White Widow grows to a height of approximately 1m indoors, while outdoors it can reach 2m. It needs a lot of light, but it can be grown in colder climates like France, the UK and the Netherlands. Grown indoors, it can produce 450-500g / m² under 600W light. Outdoors, you can get a harvest of between 550-600g per plant. Although this strain does best in warm climates, it still produces excellent results in northern European climates.

The White Widow finishes flowering in 9 weeks, and needs little maintenance. It is the perfect plant for novice growers. These features also make it an excellent choice for applying SOG and ScrOG methods.

If you don’t train, you will develop a large central tail. Although it is beautiful and impressive, better results are achieved with a little training. Apply a top pruning early in the vegetative phase and use LST and defoliation to obtain numerous flowering points and an open, airy canopy.


White Widow: one of the most exhilarating strains in the RQS archive

The effects produced by smoking White Widow correspond to those of the best sativa-dominant plants, offering the consumer a brutal, almost psychedelic high. Smokers will be able to feel it in their head, flooded by a great cerebral sensation. Its flavor is clean and fresh like pine, with a hint of citrus on the exhale, which turns into an invigorating and flavorful smoke. The White Widow RQS not limited to be just another variety WW; offers old-school genetics with a state-of-the-art experience that you won’t easily forget.

These effects make White Widow an ideal smoke for busy days and creative projects.

Her exhilarating high provides enough enthusiasm and motivation that she can dedicate more time to the creative process than usual.

Its dense buds are rich in the terpenes myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene. These fragrant molecules converge to create an aromatic profile that is defined by spicy and earthy notes. White Widow goes especially well with salty edibles, where it stands out for its pungent flavor.


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