Sour Diesel is one of the most well-known cannabis traces. The exceptional California resin manufacturer impresses extreme smoke with complete flavor and an outstanding high – the staple of the excellent West Coast weeds.
For many hashish enthusiasts, nothing can be better than traces from the West Coast of the USA.

Sour Diesel is one of these famous legends.

sour diesel
sour diesel
Bred underneath the infinite California sun, it is based totally on the authentic Diesel with additional Northern Lights, Shiva, and Hawaiian genetics that supply its outstanding properties and the plant for plenty avid fans around the sector.

This primarily Sativa (70% Sativa) grows very well interior, in which it typically reaches a peak of 90-160 cm.

There can be some stretching; however, now not like a whole lot as other Sativa. You will increase very resinous buds that have a very severe fragrant aroma when they bloom.
You can also grow its exterior; however, it will do higher in a warm climate, just like the Mediterranean. In such exact conditions, if it has quite a few suns, it’ll only develop a touch greater, but then it may produce up to 600g in keeping with the plant.
As with maximum forms of cannabis, developing in the vegetative phase takes between 3 and four weeks. It then enters its flowering period, which is a pleasantly short 10 weeks for a Sativa-dominant hybrid.

Like many of its different sisters on the US West Coast, Sour Diesel shines with a unique taste and first-rate efficiency.

She was amazed at the diesel notes that make this hashish line special, together with a few acidic and herbal tones. With 19% THC in the smoke and general thanks to its remarkable mother and father, it produces a completely effective Sativa high. This is clear and concentrated, together with a nice rest on its Indica facet.
Sour Diesel is legendary stress for many desirable reasons. If you love Sativa, you cannot cross wrong growing this west coast favored.
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