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  • THC Rich Strains

    cannabis flowers

    It’s hard to pinpoint the best THC rich strains because strains aren’t an exact science. They can vary across sources, and new ones are popping up constantly. Then there’s the issue of THC and CBD, two of the most well-known compounds in marijuana.  THC is the psychoactive compound responsible for the high marijuana produces. When […]

  • Diesel Haze Marijuana Strain

    Sour Diesel Haze strain flower

    If you’re looking to purchase a different strain and Diesel Haze Marijuana caught your attention, then this article will be of some help. There are many options out there of strains with different effects, so, if you are willing to get more information on the strain Diesel Haze, also known simply as “Sour Haze”, its […]

  • AK47 Marijuana Strain

    AK47 hybrid marijuana strain

    AK47 is a hybrid marijuana strain created in the late 1990s. It was originally bred by a group of Dutch breeders and is now one of the most popular strains of cannabis in the world, at least according to Wikipedia. The name AK47 comes from its genetics which are Afghani x Thai x Colombian. The […]

  • Weed Flavours

    weed flavours

    Ever wondered what different weed flavours you get? Well, you have come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out. When it comes to cannabis every strain has its own unique flavour. You can notice this in the way it smells and the flavour of the bud.   How is the flavour of […]

  • Effects of Different Marijuana Strains

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    Although there are plenty of different strains of marijuana available, you end up using a strain depending on the effects that you need. You must know what effect each strain can have on your body. Different cannabis strains have different medicinal properties. In fact, some strains are better for certain conditions than others. If you […]

  • Acapulco Gold

    Acapulco Gold

    Acapulco Gold is a sativa-dominant strain with 70% sativa and 30% Indica genetics. The name of this strain describes very well the jewel-like appearance of the flowers of the plants, which are dotted with glittering trichomes and which produce the cannabinoid-rich resin. The sativa-dominant character makes the strain perfect for daytime consumption, as it puts […]

  • Pineapple Express

    Pinapple express

    Pineapple Express is a hybrid type marijuana. THC: 17% Happy, energetic, creative It has a lot of the good characteristics of the marijuana varieties that we are already familiar with such as low potency, high heat resistant, and little or no residual effects upon being smoked. The only difficulty encountered in Pineapple Express is that […]