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Our Tips for vaporizer medical marijuana

medicalmarijuanahq.net advises you to use cartridges without nicotine.

Although medicalmarijuanahq.net sell cartridges with and without nicotine, our advice is to use cartridges without nicotine. The cartridges with nicotine may be valid for the user who wants to try to vapear instead of smoking but who has not yet seriously considered quitting tobacco. Cartridges without nicotine offer more flavor, because in the vapor we inhale, the taste of nicotine does not affect the taste of the cartridge.

People with heart disease, blood pressure problems and pregnant women should not use the marijuana vaporizers.

Although it is not shown to pose a risk to your health, for safety reasons and with the intention of avoiding unnecessary risks, it is advisable that people with heart conditions and pregnant women do not use these products.

If you have any unusual signs of quitting smoking, visit your doctor.

It could be the case that, when you start using the marijuana vaporizers instead of the traditional cigarette, there are some symptoms such as headaches. These symptoms in principle are not caused by the marijuana vaporizers, but by the fact of quitting smoking. In any case, if these symptoms come to alarm us, it is advisable to visit our doctor.

When you buy a new battery you have to charge it for 5 hours.

Although the charging time of a battery is usually about 2 hours, when we buy a new battery, the first time, it is advisable to keep charging for 5 hours (even if the green led indicates that it is already charged). In this way, the capacity of the battery will be the optimum and we will manage to extend its life.

Use the marijuana vaporizers with paused inhalations.

If we make short and very continuous inhalations, the marijuana vaporizers atomizer can overheat and get burned. Keep in mind that every time we inhale, the marijuana vaporizers mechanism goes into operation and heats the atomizer, which, when in contact with the sponge of the cartridge, produces the vapor. If we make very short and continuous inhalations, the sponge is losing its moisture and the atomizer is getting more and more heated, and can get burned.

Do not try to “refill” the cartridge with household liquids.

When we understand the operation of the marijuana vaporizers, it would be feasible to think that we could “try” to moisten the sponge of the cartridges with any liquid home that occurs to us. This is a very misleading idea. The marijuana vaporizers will not work and we will end up burning the atomizer. A liquid based on water does not work, the liquid used to make the cartridges is a kind of oil-based gel.

If you use cartridges of different flavors it is advisable to use several atomizers.

As we have already mentioned in other sections, to get the steam, the Atomizer of the marijuana vaporizers is in contact with the sponge of the cartridge. If we use cartridges of different flavors, the atomizer will come in contact with these different flavors and in some cases can produce the vapor with a strange and unpleasant aroma, caused by the mixture of the flavors. It is advisable to have several atomizers, at least one for tobacco flavors and another for fruit flavors.

Keep the marijuana vaporizers out of the reach of children.

Although marijuana vaporizers does not pose a risk in itself, when storing your marijuana vaporizers, it is important to disassemble and keep it out of the reach of children, as it could lead to an accident due to improper use.

Always use cartridges supplied by medicalmarijuanahq.net.

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