Acapulco Gold is a sativa-dominant strain with 70% sativa and 30% Indica genetics.

The name of this strain describes very well the jewel-like appearance of the flowers of the plants, which are dotted with glittering trichomes and which produce the cannabinoid-rich resin. The sativa-dominant character makes the strain perfect for daytime consumption, as it puts consumers in an alert state instead of relaxing them too much.

When smoking a fat blunt or a head with the crushed buds of Acapulco Gold, consumers can look forward to a pleasant taste that will stimulate the taste buds.

Especially the different and yet beautifully harmonizing sweet and hot notes stand out. The smell of this strain is just as pleasant. When you open your storage jar, sweet aromas of musk and wood are released.

Acapulco Gold
Acapulco Gold

The high produced by smoking or vaping Acapulco Gold has both physical and mental properties.

Due to its sativa-dominant character, its cerebral effect is stronger and can be more clearly perceived. The cerebral high is uplifting, invigorating and cheering up the user. It is said that the effect even has aphrodisiac aspects.

These traits make Acapulco Gold a perfect strain to consume during the day and put some users in a motivational mood where one can be alert and productive. The physical effects of the strain include a calming and relaxing sensation that offsets the stimulating effects of the strong high. In addition, the properties of the high are beneficial to medicinal users.

Acapulco Gold can be grown indoors or outdoors and has a 60-70-day flowering phase.

When growing the variety in a grow tent or grow room, you can rely on plants with a height of around 110cm and expect yields of up to 500g / m². In the open air, the plants of this variety can grow up to 200cm and produce medium-high yields. Harvest time is usually mid to late October. Acapulco Gold’s flowers are high in THC and low in CBD.


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